Healing Animals 


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     As part of our ongoing healing process, one of the greatest blessings given to us on our journey are our animal friends. Teaching us respect for life and giving us the gift of unconditional love, I feel animals give us the opportunity to practice and experience a love that we can then apply to the seemingly more complicated relationships with people. When we open ourselves to communicate with animals we are gifted beyond any expectations.

Erik & Prince

Erik & Prince

     Prince is my Turkish Angora special friend. We've been together 11 years and he was a grown cat when he came to me making him 17 or 18 years old. He has been there for me in my roughest times, coached my voice students, appeared in dreams of those who've come for healings, and opened me in so many ways. He's always been the guinea pig for my latest healing gadgets and has taught me through need, powerful new healing techniques that when applied to people have produced miracles. Prince has been with me many lives and is now almost complete with this one, preparing his exit to the other side. When someone e-mailed me, asking that I include a picture of Prince on this website, I realized what a blessing that would be. Through our attention on Prince, you too can feel his energy and be reminded of the gift you share with your own pet or the wonderful experiences that lie in store if you take one in.

Erik & Prince

Erik & Prince

     When we connect with one pet there is a mystic transference to all pets. Everywhere I travel I connect with cats. When I recently walked the dog of the people with whom I was staying, all the neighbor dogs came along for the walk. In my home in the country I get to connect with such varied animals as a bat, bobcat, wild peacock, deer, squirrels, frogs, toads, and birds. Each species has its own gift and lessen to impart. In this time of change, I feel it is more important than ever to connect with the elemental kingdom through our animal friends.

     There are a number of gifted people who have a special attunement to animals who can open the doors of communication for us. One person whom I met while performing at an Interspecies Conference is Samantha Khury, 1251 10th St. Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266 who has a series of tapes on how to communicate with animals; they are extraordinary. Another person is Sharon Callahan who also lives in Mt. Shasta and has developed special flower essences for animals. Prince has been a lucky recipient of her elixirs and I've been a lucky recipient of her insight and words of wisdom.. So I'm grateful to introduce her to you.

Samantha Khury

Samantha Khury

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Healing Animals With Music

     Extraordinary music is known to have an uplifting and healing effect on the human soul. This effect has been experienced across cultural boundaries, as the soul responds to harmony and beauty regardless of its temporary resting place. I have found that animals, too, respond to beautiful music, and that their souls are touched and uplifted by the same music that touches and uplifts the souls of human beings.

Sharon Callahan

Sharon Callahan

     Over the years I have watched my animals get up from wherever they happen to be in the house to come close to the speakers when I play particular pieces of music. They become blissful and elevated while listening just as I do. I have often used music to soothe an ailing animal or to assist an animal in an illumined transition from this life.


where are you?

     A wide range of common physical disorders in animals as well as many mental and emotional disturbances brought on by grief, loneliness, abandonment, abuse, trauma and negative thought forms can be eased and often eliminated by playing beautiful music to an animal. In addition, the tendency of many companion animals to absorb the emotions and illnesses of the humans with whom they live can be greatly relieved with beautiful music.

     Animals suffer acutely from situations that they are incapable of understanding, such as human relationship difficulties, job worries and financial stress. The suffering of domestic animals is, to a great extent, a result of contact with the less positive aspects of "civilization." We can greatly assist in balancing the stresses absorbed by our animal friends by offering them the best civilization has to offer . . . beautiful, uplifting music.


oh there you are!

     Listen to music with your animal friend. If you must be away from home for long periods of time during the day, and you have an animal confined to the house, leave some appropriate music playing softly. It can make all the difference to the animal's well being.

     In my animal healing practice, I often recommend that people play music for their animals. Erik's angelic harp music is at the top of my list of suggested music for animals. Animals and angels have a close affinity, ministering to us as they both do so unconditionally and with such great love. Clients often comment enthusiastically on their animal's reaction to Erik's healing harp music and beautiful soothing voice. Animals particularly like Harp of the Healing Waters and Angel Beauty. My own cat, Lily is a great fan, and can often be seen near the stereo speaker when Erik's music is on.

     I have known Erik for many years. His own cat Prince is a true musical muse who plays a great part in holding open the "doorway to the angels" through who's portals Erik's music pours. Prince lives surrounded by heavenly music and loving supportive vibrations of all kinds. He is a healthy happy senior cat with a most important job. Just as with human beings, feeling useful and appreciated plays a great role in overall health.

     To repay your animals for the gift of love they so freely offer you, cultivate a sacred energy in your home. Pray, meditate and play beautiful healing music often. You will be healthy and happy and your animal friends will be healthy and happy too.

Sharon Callahan
Animal Communication Specialist


     Three books (aside from Sharon Callahan's which can be obtained through her website (check related links) that are wonderful to tune into the animal kingdom are Kinship with All Life by Allan Boone, Awakening to the Animal Kingdom by Robert Shapiro and Julie Rapkin and The Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

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     "Thank you for sending the information on the Erik Berglund CD's. I went right out and bought one. The animals and I listen to it daily. Bob the abused cat that I most recently rescued is now much more peaceful and well adjusted. He sits on my lap as we listen to Erik's tapes every evening. And we are both more relaxed and totally enjoy it." 
Lynn Styles, Santa Rosa, CA

"Thanks for recommending Erik Berglund's music for me and my animal family. It has become a regular part of our life. We are so appreciative."
Felica Serpico

"When my cat Sashi was dying, I played Harp Of The Healing Waters over and over again. It was so inspiring and healing for both of us."
Claudia Taylor

"I play Erik Berglund's beautiful harp music all the time now. The cats just love it. I have been so inspired that I have purchased a harp for myself and have begun to take lessons."
Diane Ell

"Ever since you introduced me to Erik's music it is a constant in our home. The animals in our sanctuary respond and are healed and even the outdoor animals- birds and squirrels respond and listen."
Lynn Styles, Santa Rosa, CA Tara Sun Rescue Animal Sanctuary (they have 58 animals and bought all of Erik's music 5 years ago)

"Trixie was our dog, a small very affectionate and loyal (arenšt they all) wee thing who trusted everything we did and followed everywhere. The last year of her life was a time of upheaval and changes for us. We have two daughters. The younger, Nicole was away at university and then came home again, to Trixiešs delight, only to have to leave again just as Trixie became more obviously ill. The other Tania did not live at home but visited often. Trixie would get upset every time she left after a short visit. 

You may recall about 7 years ago you were in New Zealand and came to Hawkes Bay. We met you then and purchased some of your CDs. Trixie loved the music and would always come running back into the house to be in the lounge whenever we played one of your CDs. (We always turned up the volume so when she was out in the backyard she could hear it) She especially loved Angel Beauty and when Seraphic Host came on she would always sit write up by the speaker with the vibration going right through her, no matter how loud we had the volume. 

Trixie became ill. She was diagnosed with leukemia. In her last days she was never happier than when we played your music for her. On her last day, we had consulted with the vet and decided to have her put to sleep. She was unable any longer to eat, drinking was a struggle for her and she was generally miserable. Even with all her discomfort, she greeted us whenever she saw us with a wag of her tail and a whimper (what once would have been a smiling bark). 

The vet came to us so she could be at home. Tania arranged to finish work early and be with us with Trixie in her last hour. Nicole was away and couldnšt be with us. In fact she had an exam the next day and we did not even tell her until the next night, when she had finished her exam. All day, after the decision had been made, our home began filling with beings. The lounge was absolutely crowded with them. We played your music for Trixie and perhaps that called the angels to her. 

During the day, we spoke often to Trixie about what was happening, why we had made our decision to have her put down. She looked at us with total understanding and we like to believe, approval. We explained to her why Nicole could not be with us and told her to go play with Nicole in her dreams. 

When the vet arrived we all gathered around Trixie. We played Seraphic Host for her. She looked at each one of us in turn and then simply closed her eyes while the vet injected her. The vet left quite quickly and left us with her. We sat with her for a while until we realized the room was quite empty, the beings had gone and had taken Trixiešs spirit with them. We buried her in the backyard in her favorite sunning spot and with her favorite toys. 

It was one of the most moving experiences we have had. She was totally at peace with dying and gave her permission for us to be at peace with the decision we had made. Our belief is that your music helped her, giving her immense joy prior to and during her illness. It certainly called in the angels and other beings on her last day. We thank you totally from our hearts. 

It took me a few months to be able to play Angel Beauty again, until I realized I was causing myself to miss out on beautiful memories and it was not until I played it again that I truly began to heal. 

And Nicole, when we telephoned her the next day, stated that Trixie had come to her in her dreams that night, they had played on the beach and in the bush, where Trixie loved to be taken. She said Trixie was full of bounce and they had a lot of fun.  So thank you Erik for your wonderful gift to us all"
Clive and Linda Gardner, Hastings, New Zealand 

"Your 'Angelic Harp CD' is listened to almost daily. I never tire of it. Max, my 14 year old Ragdoll adores it. He lays in front of the sound and I see him relax with the softest look in his eyes. So, dear friend, know how you are appreciated and loved by all for your good works. Our tired world so needs the love and music by exceptional souls like yourself- you are top gun!" Bethany

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Prince made his transition September 2nd, 1998


     Death is an important part of life and the last great lesson my dear friend Prince gave me. My friend Sharon Callahan confirmed my own intuition when she told me Prince wanted a natural death and not to be put to sleep. He had died many times in other lifetimes, but never surrounded by love.

     I had kept Prince alive by grace for a number of years through allowing God's healing touch to flow through him. He also had blue green algae, beta gold, noni juice, kitty enzymes, essiac, anaflora flower essences, soundwave tapes, redlight treatments, tachion and Dinshaw colored light applications and the healing talents of special spiritual souls who pass through Shasta and make their way to my home. However, being 18 years old, Prince was ready to return to the greater part of who he is.

     So on returning from the latest recording session trip I discovered Prince was not able to go up the stairs anymore. Knowing that I had to leave shortly for Brazil for a month and that he couldnšt survive that long without his treatments from me, I told him I never wanted him to go, but if he had to go, now would be the best time so we could say goodbye. Master presence that Prince is and was within two hours Prince was in the death process.

     I have had people close to me pass on, but I'd never had the experience of being the principle caretaker and being there for that loved one. What a lesson! Animals often die horrible deaths. Sometimes their whole lives are prepared to be food and then meet death under horrible conditions surrounded with fear. There are sudden deaths of even pets that are dearly loved by being put to sleep. They're not given the natural time to leave this world that they were given to come into it. In a meditation for Prince with a few dear souls in Shasta, we found Prince was taking other animals into his aura so they could experience what it would be like to pass on with love.

     Prince was in his own room with my music going continuously. Many people have told me their stories of how this music played a significant part in the death of someone they loved. Now I was experiencing it myself. I tried putting on other music, but only these angel recordings gave the bed of cushioned sound Prince and I needed.

     I was tempted to use the words "my cat" and seeing the once beautiful body deteriorating before my eyes, be filled with deep emotions. But then I would say in my mind "God's cat" and my emotions would become calm, I could breathe and allow the healing currents to flow and create the same space of love and peace on this side that I could sense on the other side that a part of him was already entering. Once Prince began this process, he decided he was in no hurry and took the whole week. When I would have to leave, the instant I'd return he'd acknowledge me with the tiniest purr and look to say "I love you and know that you're here".  The last evening I stayed up all night with him and in the morning when it was time to leave, he was still there for me. He couldn't leave with me still here. On the airplane I was still deeply connected and then suddenly I felt he was gone. I couldn't energetically reach him and I knew he had made his transition. When I changed planes in Miami I called my friend who had returned from taking me to the airport and had his hand on Prince until the moment his spirit left. Prince gave a jolt, all 4 legs went straight out, the light left his eyes and he was gone. It was the exact time I felt Prince go.

     Upon arriving in Brazil, I went with a group to Foz do Iguacu, the incredible waterfall complex at the border of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Water is nature's correspondence to our emotions and being surrounded in moving waters allows our emotions to pass through us. So I'm so grateful to God for orchestrating the moving of my emotions in His healing waters and allowing me to have the gift of time spent with such a special friend. He taught me that everything and everyone changes in this realm and that the only thing that is real is God. God's expression in this world is love and that can never be taken away.

     So for those of you who read these words, when the time comes for your animal friend to make his or her transition, tune in and if it's what your friend really wants, remember my words and give him and yourself the gift of a natural passing with love.


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